Why am I seeing this?

Could be many reasons, but we think you're domain is pointing to our IP address or your website was previously hosted on our servers. This domain also might be parked by Pixeloigc Design.

What should I do?

(1) If this is your domain, please contact us (Please refer to the letter we mailed you) and ask us for our IP address. Then identify if your domain is pointing to the server and remove the IP address. (2) If this domain is parked, Pixeloic Design dose not sell domains and will not accept any offers to discuss the purchase of the domain.

As of 11/1/2016, Pixelogic Design dose not offer hosting services. Customers have been notified and have been given a final expiration before their website and or domain will go offline. Pixelogic Design will no longer offer any warranty for our websites. All websites that have been released are considered as-is. Pixelogic Design cannot offer support of any kind for previous work we have done before 11/1/2016. There will be no exceptions

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